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A huge thank you to all of you who helped make our event a success!
It was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces, and to meet so many new ones too!
I loved hearing your quilting stories and some of you even brought quilts to show me!
AND ALL the BCS quilts that you are making! Wow!
You truly are 'warming your life with quilts' and for that I am forever grateful for all that you do.

Thank you to 
The Farmer's Wife Retreat House
 for your immense generosity 
in sharing your wonderful space with us!
It is such fun and a delight to have such a great friend who
shares her love of quilting with all of us by creating a space for all
quilters to retreat and 'sew their brains out'!
If you look that up in the dictionary it would be under 'R' for Retreat!
To be able to share our businesses in such a unique way, allows us to support and build each other up.

Thank you to The Farm Girl Quilting and Spooled Rotten Quilts
for helping make our quilts look so beautiful.
Your talent is endless and so inspiring!
Your unwavering support to my sometimes craziness and hot deadlines, is so deeply appreciated.

Thank you to my Quilty Friends who helped each day with so many things - both big and small.
You make each day fun and so worth it.
Without you, it would never be as successful as it is.
Your knowledge and expertise and always kind hearts are so appreciated by all who visit.
For this and more, I am forever grateful that you are my quilty friends!

This is a MUST SEE event that takes months of planning of new quilts, patterns, & demos.
Then over two days we move in, decorate and arrange it all into a Border Creek Station show.

Links for the products below will be updated in the next few days.
The sewing area of the retreat house has been transformed to our 'shop'.   Charmingly Handsome
(Free pattern here)

The sewing area of the retreat house has been transformed to our 'shop'.   Sherri J. at the checkout counter.
American Patchwork & Quilting
Calendar Quilt - Stars to Set Sail By
(See fabric kit here)

    Hickory Ridge in blues  - NEW!
(See fabric kit here)

The 'Four Patch Room'
Miss Lacie's Promise
(See fabric kit here)
  Sunshine and Lollipops
(See fabric kit here)
  Front Porch Dreamin'
 - Sorry our fabric kits are sold out - 
(See Pattern here)

Scrappy Quarters
(See Precut fabric kit here)
  Freedom's Flight
(See fabric kit here)
  Raven (at left) - (See pattern here)
and Snowflake (at right) - (See fabric kit here)

Shaggy Thimbles (top) (See fabric kit here)
Sunshine and Lollipops (See fabric kit here)
Sunshine and Lollipops (original quilt) 
  Captain Brodie's Brigade (top) 
(See pattern here)

It's a Snowball Effect in red (middle)
(See fabric kit here)

It's a Snowball Effect in blue (bottom)
(See fabric kit here)
  Just Spoolin' Around
(See fabric kit here)

The 'Hens & Chicks' Room
The Sweater Quilt - Coming Soon!   Just Dashing - NEW!   Aquarius
(See Pattern here)

    Maple Mountain (top) - (See fabric kit here)
Wishes (middle) - (See Pattern here)
Jared's Pass (bottom)

The 'Contrary Wife' Room
Blacksmith's Anvil - Coming Soon!   Scrappy Pineapple
(See fabric kit here)
  Buttermilk Mountain (top) - (See fabric kit here)
Square Dance (middle) - (See fabric kit here)
Winter Joy (bottom) - (See Pattern here)

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