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Bobbinator by Wonderfil

Bobbinator by Wonderfil

When I first found this product I immediately saw the potential for a wider use than it was originally intended.
The Bobbinator holds 4 rewound bobbins safely inside 2 separate compartments - and here is the best part:
The bottom compartment stored 3 bobbins safely waiting to be used.
The top compartment holds 1 bobbin - the one you will be using and has an slit opening for the thread to feed out to be used.

This is a PERFECT TOOL for using those special bobbins for hand applique and for sewing hexies!

PERFECT for storage and travel to keep those bobbins from unwinding.

The package comes with 10 prewound size L bobbins in 3 assorted popular shades.
Wound with DecoBob 80wt cottonized poly thread.

Of course you can fill it with your own colours!

How was it originally intended to be used? 
Check out the video below.

This unique item turns your bobbin into a spool of thread so that there is no need
to purchase a separate top thread for small to medium sized projects!
The Bobbinator™ includes a reserve compartment to keep 3 additional bobbins in storage, making it easy to store a total of 4 bobbins.

by Wonderfil