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Wide Back Farmhouse #9685-49 by Kim Diehl - 108"

Farmhouse 108" Wide Back by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass

Print: Toile
Colour: Black Toile on Tan

Sku: 9685-49

Please note: This product is directional at 108" wide from the left to right sides.
To have the toile 'upright' order the quantity required for the length/height or top to bottom of your quilt top.

100% Cotton Fabric

Note: We tear our wide backs rather than cut.
This ensures the fabric is to grain as to your longarmer's request.
AND you will get the complete size with no jagged cut edges.

Our fabric is sold by the metre measured at 40" per metre.
For example: To order 1-1/2m (60") select 1.5 on the pull down menu.