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Hickory Ridge Fabric Kit - Blues & Creams

Hickory Ridge Fabric Kit - Blues & Creams

This is one of our most popular kits, and we have done half the work for you!
This kit is PRECUT into 1" strips x 42" WOF all ready to go.

You have been asking, and we are ecstatic that we are able to oblige!
Hickory Ridge is a quilt that everyone just stares and stares at. It gets more comments than any other quilt for sure!
We can't keep our fabric kits in stock. I am sincerely honoured because it truly is a work from my own heart.
Complete fabric kits - each including 85 different fabrics, the binding and the pattern.
Fabrics are selectively chosen for this look and are all Moda, Andover, Marcus and Windham fabrics.
Fabrics are also pre-sorted into the 'lights' and 'darks' for you and packaged carefully!
It will be perfectly die cut into 1" x 42" WOF strips and beautifully wrapped around cardboard to stay organized, neat and tidy.
Then you can get right to the good stuff - the sewing!

Click here for the Pattern Only

Pattern: BCS 1151
Quilt Size: 64" x 80"

Don't forget to order Fabric Backing for a special discount!
Receive a 10% Discount by combining your order!

Choice 1: Navy Blue Toile
Wide Back 108" 
  Choice 2: Modern 
Wide Back 108"
Please note: This is directional at 108" wide
from the left to right sides.

If you would like something else, we can help. Just let us know!

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