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Quilting & Cruising

Announcing our newest adventure at sea!
A dream come true! Quilting while vacationing to exotic places,
enjoying the sun, the water and oh yeah....the wonderful company of other quilters!
And did I mention that we will be sewing too?
Taking a quilting cruise is a wonderful way to do two things at once. 
On the days that we are cruising at sea, we have a quilting workshop to make the featured projects.
Fabric kits, sewing machines - All are provided for you!
Our kits include all of the fabrics, the pattern and are pre-cut. Just sit down and sew! 
All you have to bring is some quilting notions, your clothes, a hat and sunscreen!
Oh...and your vacationing self!
If you have never done it, grab a quilting friend or a group, or your non-quilting husband or travel buddy
and come along with us! Non-quilting travelers are just as welcome!
They get special pricing and there is lots to do on board when we are sewing.
Sherri's Adventure in Alaska
September 9 - 16, 2023
Quilt & Cruise with Me on our newest Adventure!
'Seas' the adventure to take your quilting abroad to new heights!

Close your eyes as you imagine amazing destinations like
~ Junea ~ Glacier Bay ~ Icy Strait Point
 ~ Sitka 
Ketchikan ~
 Victoria ~

Picture yourself sailing through the most amazing scenery
on an incredible Holland America's Eurodam cruise ship, 
meeting quilters, laughing while you work on our beautiful project,
talented chefs that cook every meal, and the beds are made!

Plus I hear the quilt shops in the Alaskan ports are 'to die for' so plan on some extra shopping!

Please go to Quilt and Cruise website for more information.
Dawn is our wonderful travel coordinator and she is available to help you.
With the Eurodam as our venue, what an amazing quilting adventure this will be.

Scott provides us with top of the line Janome sewing machines
and stays with us the 
entire time to help with questions!

Can I bring my husband? Or a non quilting friend?
Yes! Non-quilting travelers are just as welcome! 
They get special pricing and there is lots to do on board when we are sewing.
Plus when we break for lunch you can meet up and enjoy the delicious food the ship has to offer, 
then off to class for the afternoon. Don't worry, I don't work you too hard. 

Will I get to vacation too?
Of course! What's the point of being on a ship if you don't get to see
the most amazing places in the world?

We don't hide you in the conference room! lol
Each port on our trip have so much to see. Book as many excursions as you wish.
Tour, travel, walk, all the things the other tourists are doing while we are docked at each port. 
When we are cruising from one port to another (usually a whole day) while the other tourists are wondering aimlessly around the ship bored to tears, we will be whooping it up in the conference center doing what we love the most - sewing!

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