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About Us

Border Creek Station Pattern Company came into being with a lot of persistence from friends, especially my best friend Martha and most importantly my husband Ron. Without their loving support, let’s face it, I would never have had the guts to do it!Sherri Hisey

I love everything about quilting. The fabrics, the techniques, patterns, piecing, appliqué - absolutely everything not to mention all the great people that I have met because of it. And to think that I began quilting almost by accident. In 1982, while visiting my retired parents in Florida I received a call from my friend Jackie who said that I better bring fabric home because she had just signed us up for a quilting class! Well, Jackie and I took that beginner class three times, yep, that’s right three times! Unfortunately, that quilt still remains a UFO in my cupboard… somewhere.

So now you know my secret. Quilting did not come easy. I wanted to sew and create family heirlooms but everything I touched just would not work out. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but looking back it sure seems like it was.

When I started teaching, I decided that I did not want other quilters to suffer the frustration that I had gone through. Taking the mystery out of quilting became the focus of these classes with emphasis on solid basics so quilters would have confidence to complete the projects they wanted to, while keeping the emphasis on fun. Early on, many of these classes were based on my own quilt designs, some of which have now developed into Border Creek Station quilt patterns. Well, maybe not the first ones. They are probably with my Beginner UFO in that cupboard … somewhere.
Sherri with Miss Lacie
I strive to provide the very best in detailed and illustrated instructions throughout our pattern collection.  You will find a variety of sizes and styles to suite your quilting whim and keep quilting fun, not boring. Skill levels are provided but I hope that following these carefully written instructions will help an enthusiastic quilter achieve more complicated patterns easier. I hope you enjoy our patterns. 
I live in Kilworthy, Ontario Canada with my very supportive husband Ron (who helps by binding all of my quilts - he is a keeper!) and since our children have left the nest, we also keep busy with our two Small Munsterlander hunting dogs, Lacie & Jessie, who love the outdoors and of course, cuddling with quilts.

Quiltingly yours,