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Introducing a great way to  


On January 1st, I will reveal ONE VERY carefully selected 6" quilt block
that we will use to reduce, reuse and recycle that stash into a beautiful quilt top! 

On June 1st, I am introducing a new block with lots of variations! This 'stay at home' has many of you busting your stash faster than you would normally, so let's have us some fun with a new block, a twist, a turn and a WOW!
Of course you can continue to work on the original block - no peer pressure.

You will find the link to download the NEW Block instructions below, for free!

We will work along side each other throughout the next 52 weeks making this block from a wide variety of fabrics from our stash - 1 quilt, 2 quilts, 3 quilts...?
or are you going to make 1 large quilt!
With the free instructions, I will provide a variety of quilt layouts to show you why I have chosen this particular quilt block to work with. I love the number of choices it gives us to finish our quilts. How you finish the blocks will be totally up to you.
You can put them together in any way you wish.

How many blocks do you want to make?
Quilt size examples (without borders):
6 blocks x 7 rows = 42 blocks  for a quilt size of 36"x 42"
8 blocks x 9 rows = 72 blocks  for a quilt size of 48"x 54"
10 blocks x 12 rows = 120 blocks  for a quilt size of  60" x 72"
or as many as you want to make!

Our goal? To BUST OUR STASH! Let's do it together!
Join our Facebook page The Stash Buster Challenge 2020, share your progress and let's have fun doing it.

At the end of our 52 weeks, I have a wonderful surprise for you! 
All participants that have made at least 52 blocks or more (with evidence of course!) will have their names entered into a draw for an amazing gift from us at Border Creek Station! 
Sew....Let's get started!

Click here to download the
for January 1st 2020
Click here to download the
for June 1st, 2020