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Woohoo! It's Wednesday Special!

Whether you are working on handwork or on your sewing machine these little goodies are a necessity for any quilter!

Mini Itty Magnetic Pin Bowl
The cutest magnetic pin bowl ever!
This mini size is great for those small projects, or transporting to retreats.
Will also 'stick' to your feather weight!

Regular Price: $ 9.95  
Less 10% $  8.96 each

Clover Glass Head Pins
This pins are sharp and thin!
Extra-fine pins, which smoothyl pass through fabric.
Useful for precise pinning in delicate piecework and applique.
Head is made of Iron proof glass. 

Clover Patchwork Glasshead Pins - 1 1/2in
pkg contains: 100ct

Regular Price: $ 15.95  
Less 10% $ 14.36 each

Marilee's Numbered Pins
These numbered pins are a favourite amongst quilters!
Numbered Pins is the perfect solution for organizing quilt blocks, rows and columns
when order is important to the design of the quilt.

Simply pin a Numbered Pin in the upper left hand corner of a block, row or column
to keep track of specific pieces as you rotate or shift your fabrics.

Pkg contains: 130 numbered pins are provided in a convenient, compartmentalized, two sided case for easy organization.

Regular Price: $ 39.95  
Less 10% $ 35.96 each

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