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Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Batting 96" width - Fusible

Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Fusible Cotton/Poly Blend Batting

This is on a roll and is 96" wide.

Please Order by the metre x 96" wide

This batting is a double-sided, iron-on batting.
This product eliminates the need for the time-consuming step of pin or spray basting
and enables you to create your quilt ‘sandwich’ in no time at all!

Hobbs Heirloom® Premium 80/20 Fusible Cotton/Poly Blend Batting it is lightly bonded and needle-punched
for exceptional strength and durability and, once inside a project, it’s machine-washable (and who doesn’t love that?!).

It has an additional water-soluble, fusing medium applied to both sides of the batting,
enabling quilters to simultaneously adhere their quilt top and back to the batting in one quick pressing.
And because the fusing medium is water-soluble, this batting becomes as soft and supple once the finished quilt in which it’s placed is washed.

Our fabric is sold by the metre measured at 40" per metre.
For example: To order 1-1/2m (60") select 1.5 on the pull down menu.