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Exclusive BCS Fabric Scrap Bags - Doggie Bags for Quilters!

Exclusive BCS Fabric Scrap Bags

or as we like to call them....
Doggie Bags for Quilters!

So many of you have asked and now we have them!

Why do we call them 'Doggie' bags?
Well, when you are dining at your favourite restaurant and you just can't finish that amazingly delicious meal, so you ask for a doggie bag to take the rest home to enjoy later.

Well, we made Doggie bags just for quilters, like you!
Delicious scraps from our most beautiful fabrics.

Our fabrics, are 100% quilter's cotton and generally Kim Diehl, Jo Morton, Pam Buda, Laundry Basket and similar in style,
so if you like these designers, you will love our Doggie Bags!

Choose your favourite size of Doggie Bag:

Puppies Galore Bag - 1/4lb of deliciousness

Loads of Paw Prints Bag - 1/2lb of even more deliciousness

Red Maple Leaf Bag - 1lb each for a true quilter's feast!