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This is my very first sew-along and I am excited that you have chosen
to sew along with me on this fun adventure!

I would love for you to encourage your friends to join along and perhaps you can arrange
a day a week or once a month to get together to sew along with each other.

If you are on Facebook, please feel free to join our group
Let's Be Friends Sew-Along Facebook Group  
where we will be sharing our progress, our fabrics, ask questions
and make new friends as you sew along with me!

Since it is my first sew along, I have decided to keep it simple.
Next year might be a different story!

I have selected a great quilt block and designed a beautiful setting with
borders which will make a quilt size 84" x 84".

We will be sewing 2 blocks a week for 20 weeks plus 1 block (we need 41 blocks).

The quilt design will be available at the end of of our 20 weeks - for free!
You do NOT have to use your blocks in my design! You can choose to do your own setting,
you can make more blocks, less blocks or even make 41 throw pillows if you want to!

Fabric Requirements for the designed setting:
Black Background Fabric:
(this includes setting, borders and binding) 
5.8m or 6-3/8yds. of fabric

Inner Border:
(this is a contrast or pop of colour)
0.5m or 5/8yds.

Blocks - You will need 41 different fabrics.
(please see block instructions for cutting)
Cutting for some of the block depends on your choice of HST technique.
Please read block instructions and then decide which technique you will use.

Do you want to UPSIZE this quilt size?  
Click here for the information

If you wish to order a Preprinted HST paper or fabric kits
from us please click here


The Block: Our block is called the Friendship Block - how perfect is that?
Each block will be made using only 2 fabrics - the black background and one colour fabric.
Each block will feature a different colour fabric and we will be
making 41 blocks so each block will be different.
It will be a beautiful array of colours and fabrics across the quilt.

Download the Friendship Block here!

A Quick Word About Half-Square Triangles (HST)
As you will see our block includes half-square triangles.
If you purchased the Pre-printed Half-Square Triangle paper 
from us please follow the specific directions as written in the block instructions.

If you haven't purchased the Pre-printed Half-Square Triangle paper - no worries!
You can use your choice of any technique that you wish to make your HSTs.

This block requires 2" finished size (or 2-1/2" unfinished size) Half-Square Triangles.

Traditional Method: This method make 8 identical HSTs at the same time.
Cut: (1) 6" x 6" square* of EACH Background fabric and Colour Fabric 

1. With pencil lightly mark on the wrong side of the lighter square diagonally from corner to corner
as shown by the black lines in the diagram.

2. With right sides together, place marked LIGHTER square on top of DARK square.
As per the red lines (shown in diagram) stitch 1/4" away from X as drawn.

3. Cut apart on black lines and through the center on the blue lines.

4. Open and press to the DARKER fabric as shown by arrows.

5. It may be necessary to trim each HST to tidy using the 45-degree line of ruler on the
diagonal seam. Each HST should be trimmed to measure 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" unfinished.
This makes 8 HSTs.

*If you wish to make the HSTs a bit larger to trim down for more accuracy, you can cut the square larger at 6-1/2" rather than 6"
- but remember you will have to trim each HST down to the proper size.