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Finishing Your Sew-Along Quilt! 
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Block Pattern 
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Fabric Requirements 
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Upsizing your quilt?
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This is Week 21 and you should have the following blocks completed:
Original size - 40 blocks PLUS 1 = 41 blocks!
Queen size - 60 blocks PLUS 1= 61 blocks!
King size - 80 blocks PLUS 5 = 85 blocks!

Yes, I am providing detailed instructions to finish our Let's Be Friends Sew-Along quilt 
as I have originally designed it. BUT....these are your blocks and your quilt. 
Please feel free to finish your blocks into a quilt setting of your own design if you wish!
There has been a few ideas kicking around on our FB group page to give you some 
food for thought on your finished project.
If you haven't joined our Let's Be Friends FB page, please feel free to join here.

To download the Finishing instructions for  your quilt please
Click here


Finishing Options: 
I found this amazing wide back that just fits our theme so well!
We also have some other great wide backs - all with 10% Discount just for you!

See them here

I want to thank you for participating in our very first Sew-Along. 

It has been a very fun adventure for me, having the chance to really sew along with you!
I have loved watching your progress, your sharing, your encouragement to each other and to me.
This has been a heartwarming experience and exactly what it should have been - quilting friends sewing together and having fun.
I can't wait to see your finished quilts!

This has been sewww much fun!