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Border Creek Santa Treats are soon to be here!

See The Santa Treat Fine Print Here

Are you on Santa's Nice List?
Do you have a hard time buying for your quilting friends?
Does your family have a hard time buying for you?
Are you always looking for unique 'quilty' items?
Then you definitely need to be on 'Santa's Nice List!

Day 1:    Take me to the Treats!
Day 2:    Take me to the Treats!
Day 3:   Take me to the Treats!
Day 4:   Take me to the Treats! 
Day 5:   Take me to the Treats! 
Day 6:   Take me to the Treats!


What is it all about?

  For 6 days, a new amazing quilt related Santa Treat Special  will be offered each day beginning December 1st until December 6th.

Our Santa Elves have been hard at work all year searching and combing the entire quilt world to
bring you the most perfect 'quilty' items to make your gift giving easier.



What do you do?

  Just check your email inbox each morning beginning December 1st and you will find Santa Mail waiting to be opened by you.
Each day will bring a new Santa Treat Special  which will be available for 24 hours only!
There is no limit to the number of items you may purchase.


Make sure you are on our Email List...

  You can sign up here...

Santa's Nice List