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We are sooooo excited to introduce...

Quilters Inspiration

Host Shop

Coming this Winter 2019/2020 at a quilt store near you!

Important Notice
Covid 19 and your BCS Mystery Quilt Club Monthly Installments
These are unprecedented times for sure and with all of our quilt shops being temporary
closed to the public, many of you, including shop owners, are concerned about
providing you with your next monthly Installment.

Your Quilt Shop will now be able to provide you with an emailed version of 
your next monthly installment for Quilter's Inspiration Mystery Quilt.
In this way, we will continue to keep us all safe, provide a happy reason 
for your shops to contact you and allow you to stay up to date.

CUSTOMERS: Please continue to support and contact your Host Quilt Shop directly
to receive your digital copy.
(Please understand that I could not possibly be able to provide this service personally.)

SHOP OWNERS: Please login to the Host Shop Login to access a digital copy
that can be emailed to your participating BCS Mystery Club Members. 
Note: Your login password is in your Shop Host Binder.

Qulter's Inspiration - A BCS Mystery Quilt Club 
Ask at your local shop - the newest BCS Mystery Quilt Club begins this Winter 2019/2020

               Two great sizes to make: 
LAZY LAP SIZE: 56” x 68” ~ QUAINTLY QUEEN SIZE: 92” x 92”

8 Monthly Installments with clear instructions and colour diagrams.

An inventory sheet is provided to help keep track of your pieces each month.

Skill level: experienced beginner and up. 

Quilters Inspiration - A BCS Mystery Quilt Club


The current BCS Mystery Quilt Club is available through quilt shops only, ask your local quilt shop! 

 Check our list of participating shops to find a shop near you.

If you are interested in any past BCS Mystery Quilt patterns, please click here.


Are you a Host Shop for our newest BCS Mystery Club? 

Click Here 

Login in for the 'behind the scenes' information 
and more great goodies.

(Shops: Please refer to your new Quilter's Inspiration Shop Guide binder for your login information.)

If you are a quilt shop and would like to learn more 
please email us at

US Retail Quilt Shops: Please contact Moda United Notions 

Canadian Retail Quilt Shops: Please contact Trend-tex Fabrics
Australian Retail Quilt Shops:  Please contact PK Fabrics